Lean manufacturing, agile production and industry 4.0

BeeWaTec offers, across all industries, individual solutions and overall concepts for lean manufacturingagile production
and Industry 4.0 with which you can manage your work processes, production and logistics processes in an agileefficient and safe way.

With our LEAN system construction kit, you will achieve solution-oriented,
simple, scalable equipment construction.

Pipe - joint - roller track

Combine our components for lean production –
flexible and simple.

Pipe - joint - roller track - Combine us flexibly - BeeWaTec

Square profile system

High forces for more stability? – Our answer



Everything needed for designing combined in one tool

BEEVisio Alles fürs Konstruieren in einem Tool vereint.


Optimization starts on the saw

BEELopt Die Optimierung beginnt auf der Säge.

(Customer) references

Endless possibilities with BeeWaTec.

ESB Logistik-Lernfabrik wird zum Werk150


The right contact for everyone.

Technischer Support

Digital showroom

The idea starts in the head – or here.

Showroom-Vorstellung - BeeWaTec - Your inspiration for digital BeeWaTec experience