Ardagh Glass GmbH

In autumn 2012, an AGV system with one vehicle was installed at the premises of the glass bottle manufacturer Ardagh Glass GmbH in Obernkirchen, Germany. The optically guided „Spurtruck“ by BeeWaTec Automation GmbH transports moulds from the mould area to the production line on a track approx. 150 m in length. At the customer’s request, the track has been expanded to include additional functions.

Depending on the number of moulds to be transported, one or two trailers can be attached to the „Spurtruck“. The trailers have been built using modules taken from the assembly kit system supplied by BeeWaTec AG. The automatic guided vehicle system operates without a master computer and as such is an example of a system that is very easy to run. The opening and closing of the high-speed door, which is located directly on the track, is implemented with sensors that are installed externally.

Should the number of moulds to be transported increase, more vehicles can be added to the system with ease.