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BeeWaTec - an expert team to support you

Why BeeWaTec?


  • Fast technical support
     for all your concerns
  • High quality of our products (components and solutions)
  • Delivery of our standard components for lean production within a few days
  • Design & construction of the solutions that were defined with you, both standard or customized (e.g. flow rack, assembly workstation, etc.)
  • Longlasting partnership

Why should you use a pipe racking system?

  • With a pipe racking system you get  components made of steel and aluminium (round pipe) for Lean Production and Manufacturing
  • A pipe racking system is very  flexible: Just adapt it according to your needs and new conditions.
    (Example: Your original flow rack has 6 compartments. Now you need 8 compartments and smaller boxes).

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) & Intralogistics

Autonomous Mobile Robots by BeeWaTec

  • AMRs simplify material flows and material transports
  • Constructions and transfer points can be designed individually or standardized using the BeeWaTec pipe racking system.
  • This makes the constructions and transfer points 100% compatible with the vehicle.
  • AMRs transfer points etc. are flexibly scalable and adaptable to your process

Workplace solutions for laboratory and office


  • Wide-ranging standard furniture program with four different table systems and a sophisticated cabinet system to suit all requirements.
  • High flexibility for all  special configuration requirements
  • Sophisticated and reliable  electrical engineering  with focus on the user.
  • Production site in Pfullingen (Made in Germany)
  • Consistently high  quality  (GS testing)

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