BEELIFT Höhenverstellbare Arbeitsplatz - BeeWaTec


  • Continuous height adjustment
  • Economic alternative for retrofitting existing workplaces
  • Easy handling and assembly
  • Four different colour variations and two different desk panel variations and sizes
BEELIFT Curved - Höhenverstellbare Arbeitsplatz - BeeWaTec

MC4-System (heavy-bearing system)

  • Made of galvanized steel and suitable for 45×45 mm aluminium and steel profiles
  • Suitable for heavy cargo shelf construction and transport trolleys as well as tugger train trailers

Protective elements for round pipe

  • Joint cover for steel and aluminium pipe
  • Pipe cover
  • PVC hose

LEAN Box (BEECardboard)

  • Create and test your boxes with special dimensions in the concept stage
  • You only need the components and the suitable cardboard. Choose between two-wall sheets and cardboard
  • The parts are, as well as the BEECardboard parts, are reusable
  • Or do you need set boxes for optimized deployment
  • Instructions on request!

BeeWaTec standard workplace

  • The standard solution can be quickly modified or extended with accessories, the desk panel seize
    can be changed or the desk can be combined with other pipe modules
  • Freely configurable with lots of accessories such as the BEEWATEC LED, with castors, in an electrically conductive version or with hydraulic height adjustment and lots more


  • Very long lifetime
  • Energy saving
  • Robust aluminium housing
  • Rotatable light
  • With various connection and adaptation options or as cost-efficient BEEWATEC Multi LED

Lifting sets

The following points will show the differences:

  • Which lifting height and maximum capacity load?
  • Delivarable as a completely electrical lifting set
  • With four or six linear units?
  • With hand crank or with electric drive?

Further information