Successful medium-sized company receives coveted award for ist innovative automatic guided vehicles

Pfullingen, 29. Juni 2018 – BeeWaTec, a specialist for flexible components and modular systems for logistics, production and assembly infrastructures, succeeded in getting on the list of the Top 100 innovators in Germany. The “Top 100” initiative examines the innovative power of mid-sized companies in Germany and awards the eponymous seal to pioneering companies. The award was presented during a celebration hour on June 29, 2018 by Ranga Yogeshwar.

The familiy business, located in Pfullingen, received the award for automatic guided vehicles that set new standards in the industry. “Our challenge was to develop a practice-oriented conveyor system for the intralogistics sector” recall Jana Walter and her brother Joachim, both responsible for the strategic management at their parents’ company. “It has to be reliable, process-safe and to be able to be used in the smallest space. Tight turns (90 degrees) and of course a navigation and safety system, that we regard as part of our core competencies, are necessary.

BeeWaTec‘s automatic guided vehicles comprise standard models and special models for the most varied tasks in a whole range of branches. Key features are their modular construction, excellent load capacity-size-ratio, easy maintenance and optimized energy management.

The company became well known by its versatile pipe racking system by G.S. ACE with which individual production environments can be realized easily and quickly. BeeWaTec has earned a sterling reputation in the area of flexibly configurable modular systems, assembly workplaces and picking workplaces. With BeeWaTec solutions users can react quickly to the steadily increasing demands of their production speed and reaction speed. Competitive advantages, even under strong pricing pressure, can be gained through Lean factoring. BeeWaTec is the perfect partner for agile production environments that allow for just-in-time production.

“Being in Germany’s TOP 100 is both an award and incentive for us“, Joachim Walter explains, “BeeWaTec will maintain its position as one of the leading companies in the fields of Lean Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 – with our team that is just as agile and innovative as our products and concepts. Our consistently user-oriented innovations emerge from the intensive dialogue between our employees, sales partners and customers. Our mission is to know already today how tomorrow’s procedural landscape will look like and what people will need in their work environment. With flexible and freely configurable and combinable solutions we assist our customers in realizing their ideas and aims. We increase their efficiency, we optimize their work processes, production processes and logistics processes –  in the production, in the warehouse, in the workshop or in the laboratory. Thereby, we focus on quality, sustainability and fair prices.

About BeeWaTec
The BeeWaTec group located in Pfullingen, with its flexible and innovative product portfolio covering all aspects of lean manufacturing and industry 4.0, is internationally networked and has subsidiaries in Hungary, Romania, the Czech Republic, Poland, Austria and Switzerland. With its modular system for lean production, BeeWaTec is one of the leading suppliers on the German market and was able to expand its international market position in lean components and market flow components continuously.  BeeWaTec offers, for example, production work stations, workshop equipment, laboratory equipment and storage equipment, order picking systems, intralogistics and automatic guided vehicles.

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