Workplace system ERGONOMIC

Assembly workplaces need to be twice as flexible: On the one hand the varying body sizes of the users have to be taken into account, while on the other hand it must be possible to convert the workplaces at short notice in order to meet the demands of a flexible assembly operation.

The Ergonomic modular system has been specially developed for these requirements, with an underframe based on the BeeWaTec pipe racking system by G.S ACE, as well as numerous add-ons such as articulated arms, trays, perforated panels and hanger rails for grab trays.

All allowing you to design your workplace exactly as you like it – and to be prepared at all times for new situations.

Ergonomic Mono

Ergonomic MONO is a modular system for simple applications. Constructed on a central boom, the Ergonomic MONO permits solutions for specific situations.

  • Adjustable articulated arms place grab trays and shelving in the ergonomically correct position
  • Grab trays, tools, shelves, pinboards and work lights can be fixed to the central boom at the height required

Ergonomic Duo

With its double mounting unit the Ergonomic DUO is designed for large assembly tables and loads not exceeding round 30 kg. Its modular structure enables a multitude of customer-specific configurations to be created.

The Ergonomic DUO allows you to increase productivity on your existing work tables and benches. The Ergonomic DUO can be mounted anywhere, even at a later point in time.

Ergonomic Quattro

For demanding uses with a greater space requirement and higher loads the Ergonomic QUATTRO is the most suitable system, offering stability and storage space for extension arms, tool trolleys or shelving. Additional components can be added, moved or removed at any time.

Add-ons for workplace system Ergonomic

Numerous attachments such as articulated arms, shelves, cable holders, perforated walls and suspension rails for grab trays u. m. m. serve as an additional extension for your individual workplace.


  • Pinboard with magnets
  • Pivoting sheet holder
  • Hanging rails
  • Tool holder
  • Running rail
  • Plastic bins