Looking for automated solutions?

Thanks to the comprehensive BeeWaTec product portfolio you have the choice:

Use the automated BeeWaTec product range for your workplace and production environment as a stand-alone solution or benefit from a networked system solution in conjunction with a materials management system / material flow system ? Irrespective of whether it is a newly designed solution or existing processes. Any solution can be integrated into existing systems and provides for a future-proof application allowing maximum performance.


BeeWaTec offers complete automated system solutions fort he in-house production and logistics: automatic guided vehicles, milk run and through to complex production systems and logistics systems.

Particularly automatic guided vehicles are a fascinating technical field and a dynamic growth market.

With our automatic guided vehicles you will handle all in-house transportation tasks without great effort, without waste of labour force and without big expenditure of energy.


We do not only offer vehicles and control systems, but aswell the matching complex concepts and services – everything concerning your individual solution. Automated guided vehicles are adjusted according to function and height of the transported load.

Example order code:

BGV (BeeWaTec Guided Vehicle) – F(unction) – L(ength resp. construction height) – Load in kg

Your advantages:

  • High-performance transport robots
  • Modular design
  • Excellent capacity to size ratio
  • Straightforward maintenance requirements
  • Wide range of transport robots to suit your needs
  • Standard trensile/bearing load of up to 3000 kg
  • High levels of reliability
  • Simple operation
  • Optimisied energy consumption

The BeeWaTec vehicle series at a glance

Our vehicle series is available in different chassis configurations: Tug, drive-under tractor, workpiece trolley, platform trolley – our vehicles are ready for the most diverse demands and applications and can be adjusted individually.