The BGVs work without fleet management for simple applications.

The BeeWaTec fleet management is an intelligent system that monitors the location of the BGVs, traffic control as well as order requests and thus ensures that the BGV fleet in your plant works with the highest efficiency.

By means of automation with our BGVs in combination with our BEELOC CORE INTERFACE FRAMEWORK, we can significantly reduce the programming effort in your Manufacturing Execution System (MES) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and we offer you a simple solution to connect these systems to the BGV world.

Key facts:

  • Manages fleets of up to 150 BGVs in each configuration
  • Shows the position / status of the BGVs
  • Ensures that the battery status of the BGVs is always in an optimal range
  • Displays the job queue
  • Prioritizes important orders
  • Selects the fastest routes based on passenger and vehicle traffic
  • Identifies blocked paths and creates alternative routes
  • Optimizes the assignment of orders and the charging of the BGV battery
  • Framework and Cloud Hostings

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