Lifting technology

Flexible working height? With this simple but high-quality hydraulic lifting system you can easily install continuous height adjustment exactly for the load and lift required.

The system is mounted on flexible connecting leads, works independently of load and completely synchronously, even where the load is unevenly distributed. Due to its small dimensions, high loading capacity and quiet drive the system has decisive advantages vis-à-vis conventional lifting Systems.

Lifting technology - the two types


Typ PA: for controlling 1 or 2 cylinders, max. load capacity: 300 kg
Typ PB: for controlling 3 to 10 cylinders, max load: 1,000 kg

  • Both types are available in versions for varying weights, lifting heights and number of cylinders
  • The space-saving shape and flexible connecting leads permit considerable freedom as regards the locating of the pumps within the structure
  • They work quietly, steplessly and absolutely synchronously, even in the case of unsymmetrical loads
  • Operation by hand crank (retractable; alternatively: removable) or by electric drive (see below)
  • Pump housing made of colourless anodized aluminium

Electric drive

  • Electric drive Type D has intelligent controls allowing 4 positions to be saved. In addition the height is digitally indicated on the cable remote control (2.50 m cable included in the package). The power supply is integrated in the control unit; electric monitoring protects the drive from overload and at the same time serves as protection when the system is raised.

The electric drives are not suitable for permanent operation. After one minute running time the drive requires a break of around 20 minutes (ED 5%).

Aluminium square height adjustment

Integrated height adjustment for the aluminium square Profile.60 x 60 aluminium lifting system including hydraulic cylinder. Retracted insertion length: 735mm

Max. lift: 400 mm permitted mounting of lifting cylinder with head plate.

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