Plastic joints

As an alternative to metal joints serve plastic components with adhesively bonded Connections.

Also in the field of plastic joints we offer a wide product range of joint types.

Colours, material

Plastic joints are made of ABS and are available in the following colours:

  • ivory (-i)
  • grey (-G)
  • black (-B)

Further colours on request.

Adhesive joints

Plastic joints can be stuck in order to maintain permanent and stable connections.

Even faster, more efficient and creative - optimally suited for BEECardboard

Do you want to build and test your „real“ construction beforehand? Or do you want to organize a workshop?

Then BEECardboard will be the perfect solution for you! 

Plastic joints are used together with cardboard pipe and carboard angles. These components can be copied 1:1 with our pipe racking system by G.S. ACE.

Do you need assistance regarding a workshop? Then please click here for more information.