Making sure that a certrain material is available at the right time in the right quantity at the right place.

Intralogistics controls the in-plant material flow in industrial facilities. Material flow is an optimization point that will lead to time saving and cost saving. Material flow is, in keeping with the times, increasingly managed by Automation.

Tugger train and trailer systems

Material supply meeting the demands with milk run concept

In industrial production, the material supply with tugger train systems and trailer systems according to the MILKRUN-PRINCIPLE is becoming more and more important and nowadays they replace old-fashioned transport methods such as fork lifts.

„Milk run“ is a concept in procurement logistics which refers to the provision of material in accordance with requirements. The concept is based on the principle that material is only replenished in as far as it is required, in the same way as the milkman used to deliver only just as much milk as there were empty bottles in front of the door.

Automated guided vehicles and milkrun trailers show you the way!Automated guided vehicles as well as milkrun trailers play an increasingly important role and replace the previous transportation methods such as forklift trucks for example.

Benefit from our broad product portfolio and combine automated guided vehicles with the tugger train system – that way you will ensure an optimized and effective workflow in your production and logistics.