Energy supplies & equipment technology

No, we haven’t reinvented the wheel. As providers of equipment for electrical laboratories, we offer our customers a wide basic range of energy supplies and equipment technology. We supply sophisticated technology you can rely on at excellent value for money and in a modern design.

Design & function

Energy supplies:

Maximum functionality. Exceptional quality. Unique design. Tried-and-tested technology with a modern twist.

Here at BeeWaTec, we have given the energy supply technology we have relied upon over the years a bit of a makeover to bring the design up to date.

Power supply unit technology:

Modularity is key. And the focus is on the user.

We offer virtually endless combinations of operating options with various power units. Shifting the intelligence over to the power units means that the equipment functions are not determined by operation. The user has to decide which operating principle(s) are going to be used in their laboratory
and they also select the table and energy channel systems.

Power devices