Assembly island / production island

The assembly islands: More effectiveness and productivity through flow production (one-piece flow)

Description & Function:

The U-cell describes a assembly island in the form of a U. All the necessary work steps are combined in a small space and the material is located directly at the workstation (e.g. in the form of feed units / flow rack.

At one workstation, the part is processed completely before starting on the next part. This increases the added value per employee enormously (one-piece flow). Waste in the form of waiting times, transport and walking distances, missing material are minimised. The employee achieves higher productivity figures through increased utilisation.

Usually the material supply is done by a Kanban shelf at the U-cell. There, the material is processed by the employee through the complete processing steps until the process is completed. The end of the process is often a quality assurance unit / inspection station.

A relocation of the finished part is thus often no longer necessarydirect transport packaging can take place.

The focus is on the product and the assembly process / manufacturing process: the U-cell is designed in such a way that production volumes can be constantly adapted to the customer’s cycle.


- Saving space

All value-adding work steps and materials in a confined space – directly within reach at the workplace

- Fast response options with high flexibility - workplace easily adaptable to process.

Each assembly workstation can be converted and expanded at short notice so that the cycle can be adapted to the customer’s cycle.

- Efficiency through optimised processes

Throughput times are minimised through optimally arranged work steps and provision of the material to be assembled. This results in less waste: reduced walking distances, transport routes, throughput and waiting times.

- Ergonomic constructions

Space-saving and ergonomically sensible, our constructions / add-on systems of the ERGONOMIC series enable a standardised extension option for new and existing assembly workstations – and they are also retrofittable.

- Accessories: individually expandable & scalable

Assembly workstations can be equipped even better with a wide range of accessories. Whether tool holders, small parts boxes, monitor holders, storage viewing boxes, articulated cantilevers, pin boards or a light – there is almost nothing that is not available. Just contact us!

- ESD capable version

All materials ( pipes, connectors, table tops etc.) are also available as electrically conductive versions (ESD), so that you can also design your assembly workstation for the electrical industry / electronics industry without any problems.

- Combinable with Kanban racks / flow racks / material staging racks

for even more dynamics at your workplace, assembly workstations / U-cells can be combined with almost any type of material provision solution: Mobile shelving units / transport trolleys / material transport trolleys / staging shelves bring the required material to your workplace at the required time and in the required quantity.

Usually, material provisioning is done by Kanban racks.