(Ergonomic) assembly workstation

Your assembly workstation: flexible, ergonomic, efficient and (optionally) height-adjustable

Description & Function:

Lean workstations or Lean Assembly workstations are used as individual assembly workstations, assembly islands or entire assembly lines. (See also U-cell)
Workstations can be customised to your process and worker alignment. Standardised workstations made of pipe plug-in systems can also be used, which can, however, be individually modified and adapted in all dimensions and equipment: Your process is the focus and the workstation is designed in such a way that you achieve the highest possible efficiency – for workers and processes.
Waste (muda) in the form of, for example, unnecessary transport routes, long searches or excessively high throughput times are uncovered. Through targeted design of the assembly workstation the added value in the process is increased, work steps are rearranged if necessary and material flows optimised. One-piece flow can also be used here (see also U-cell): At one machining station, the part is completely machined before starting on the next part. It is therefore no longer necessary to move the finished part – it can be packaged for transport directly.

The workstation is supplemented by the attachment system Ergonomic, which makes ergonomic work even easier and more flexible.


Possible versions: Workstation, workstation, individual workstation, ESD workstation (electrically conductive), order-picking workstation, packing workstation, assembly workstation, assembly island, assembly line, packing station, U-cell, packing workstation, workbench, etc.


- Ergonomics & healthy working posture for increased productivity.

for excellent ergonomics, the assembly workstation can be quickly and easily adapted to the individual needs

- Flexibility: workstation easily adaptable to process.

Every assembly workstation can be converted and expanded at short notice. In this way, you can easily adapt your workstation to changed processes.

- Efficiency through optimised processes

Throughput times are minimised by optimally arranged work steps and provision of the material to be assembled

- Optional infinitely adjustable working height: linear units & height adjustment

The ergonomic workstation system can be equipped with a lifting unit.
This allows the user to adjust the positions of the work equipment to his or her needs. The do-it-yourself lifting unitn is the perfect solution. Lifting systems are available in 3 versions: fully electric, electro-hydraulic or manual by hand crank.

- Ergonomic constructions

Space-saving and ergonomically sensible, our constructions / add-on systems of the ERGONOMIC series enable a standardised extension option for new and existing assembly workstations – and they are also retrofittable.

- Accessories: individually expandable & scalable

Assembly workstations can be equipped even better with a wide range of accessories. Whether tool holders, small parts boxes, monitor holders, storage viewing boxes, articulated cantilevers, pin boards or a light – there is almost nothing that is not available. Just contact us!

- ESD capable version

All materials (pipes, joints, table tops, etc.) are also available as electrically conductive versions (ESD), so that you can also design your assembly workstation for the electrical industry / electronics industry without any problems.

- Combinable with Kanban racks / flow racks / material staging racks

for even more dynamics at your workplace, assembly workstations can be combined with almost any type of material provision solutions : Mobile shelving units / transport trolleys / material transport trolleys / staging shelves bring the required material to your workplace at the required time and in the required quantity.