Flow Rack / Provision Rack / Order Picking Rack / Supermarket

Made easy: Material supply on the flow rack / FIFO rack

Description & Function:

Is your current rack not accessible from both sides and you actually have too little storage space compaction? Do you have poor supply chain management and empty boxes are piling up behind you?

A flow rack / provision rack is a rack that you load with goods / containers on one side. On the other side (withdrawal side), the previously stored goods are withdrawn.

Roller tracks, which are mounted with a slight slope, allow the next unit in the shelf to move up.

The FIFO principles (first in, first out) are observed here: what is stored first is removed first. In this way, flow racking / FIFO racking eliminates space problems and optimises material provision and material transport in a small space. Storage space compression is made possible by the individually designed solutions. Your worker saves time and distances, as the goods can now be removed directly at the picking station, for example.

With rollers / wheels, the flow rack can also be made mobile so that you can transport the goods to the worker at the right time: the material flow is thus optimised and waiting times minimised.

Possible designs:

  • Provision shelf
  • Continuous flow rack
  • FIFO shelf
  • Picking rack
  • Supermarket


- Accessible from both sides - Storage space compaction

A flow rack is accessible from both sides, so that the infeed as well as the return can be carried out without any problems. Shelf aisles are a thing of the past – you can use the valuable storage space for other purposes. The flow rack is often built mobile, i.e. on castors. This means it can easily change its place of use or be moved from source to sink or vice versa.

- Compact storage - small floor space

A flow rack can be individually designed in all dimensions. You define the height, width and depth according to your requirements and design as many levels as you need. Several levels on top of each other or next to each other will be no problem.

- Flexibly expandable and scalable

All racks and transport trolleys can also be changed at a later date. This means that you can adapt your equipment to the changed requirements/processes/cycle at any time without much effort.

- FIFO principle is ensured for efficient supply chain management.

first in first out means that the oldest goods are consumed first, as subsequently placed boxes / containers can only be removed downstream.

- Slight slope ensures that the next unit slides in.

Due to the roller tracks / roller conveyors used and the slight slope, load carriers / transport boxes can move up: full containers can be removed and empty containers can be returned to any return levels that may be present.