Hardware components for Lean Production

Build it yourself: Build your individual solution with individual components

Description & Function:

With the modular system around the pipe plug-in system we offer you the hardware components you need to build equipment yourself according to the principles of lean production. Besides steel round pipes we also offer aluminium round pipes. Without welding and with little effort, all components of the pipe plug-in system offer you a simple and adaptable possibility to build equipment (e.g. shelves, workstations, material transport trolleys, Kanban, flow rack, staging rack, ergonomic workstations etc.).

Depending on the load requirements of your construction, you can choose the pipes in different wall thicknesses. All steel pipes offer a constant pipe outer diameter so that you can use our connecting elements across the entire pipe range (different colours, wall thicknesses).
Thanks to relatively low investment costs, you can already identify enormous savings potential and optimisation potential in your production environment / logistics environment. Thus, you can also realise short-term environmental changes mostly within the scope of your limited budget yourself.


- No standard constructions - relatively cheap, flexible, individual solutions

With components and structures made of pipe plug-in system, you create flexible and adaptable working environments that are tailored to your processes. The relatively low investment costs give you freedom of choice: standard catalogue shelving is a thing of the past. You now match your shelving to your requirements and processes – economically.

- Fast responsiveness & flexibility for your production and logistics environment

If your assembly process or logistics process changes, the working environment of the pipe plug-in system can be easily adapted: With add-on parts, equipment of the workstation or sensible combinations, you can react quickly and easily to the new requirements.

- Pipe racking system is scalable.

Your material flows, load carriers, transport boxes, timing etc. change? No problem – simply adapt the structures yourself or we will support you.

- Ideal for self-builders

Pipe plug-in system speaks for itself. Simply build what you need yourself. With our own planning tool BEEvisio you can even plan your solutions yourself and intuitively.

- Planning tool / Design tool / Planning software / Planning programme BEEvisio

With our own planning programme BEEvisio you design your solutions yourself or we can assist you. At the end, you generate a parts list / BOM and off you go to assemble your solution.

- Individual components or ready-made solutions

We can supply you with a wide range ofindividual components for lean production or already ready-designed or assembled solutions. If you would like to use components from our modular system yourself or if we can help you with the planning and construction or with the assembly.

- Individual components: Round pipe profile / pipe plug-in system made of steel and aluminium

With our round pipe plug-in system / pipe plug-in system you get components made of steel and aluminium for lean production and lean manufacturing. This forms the basis for any solutions.
For example, for the base frames of heavy-duty trolleys / tugger trains, we also offer you a square profile system / square pipe system. The construcions can then be realised with round pipe profiles, if desired.

- Individual components: Matching joints / accessories

With a variety of joints and accessories, there are no limits to your requirements. The result is resilient structures, shelves, carts, etc. that you can change at any time.

- Ergonomics at the workstation - lifting systems

Design ergonomic assembly workstations quite simply with (self-)integratable lifting systems.

Overview individual components: