Material transport trolley

Efficient internal transport with material transport trolleys

Description & Function:

Unnecessary transport routes are among the most common types of waste in production and logistics environments. Material transport trolleys should be designed so that they can be used in different areas: the goods remain on a transport trolley and pass through the entire production process on it, if possible (e.g. from the ESD room, cold room to quality assurance). Unnecessary rearrangements are thus avoided.

In principle, there are no standard transport trolleys. Each material transport trolley should be adapted to your process and your goods / transport goods in order to achieve the highest possible efficiency (increase in added value). Depending on your load requirements, base frames made of square profile system (square tube) can also be used. These withstand even greater loads and can be combined withsteel pipe plug-in system / aluminium pipe plug-in system constructions . (see also: route train / milkrun)

Moving the material transport trolley can usually be done by manually pushing.

However, these material flows can also be automated: By integrating a Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) by BeeWaTec you can automate material flows simply and cost-efficiently.

Details on automated material flows.


- Reduction of stock transfers

Material handling trolleys are built on castors. No additional forklifts or pallet trucks are needed to move the material handling trolley.

- Automation of material flows possible

Autonomous Mobile Robots from BeeWaTec can take over such material transports by under-running, andocking and carrying the racks / trolleys. (Details on Autonomous Mobile Robots by BeeWaTec). In doing so, they are fully compatible with the solutions from Rohrstecksystem compatible: vehicle and rack are matched to each other in the project – BeeWaTec guarantees the compatibility of vehicle and superstructure / transfer station. (More details, videos and pictures can be found here)

- Flexibly expandable and scalable

All racks and transport trolleys are also subsequently modifiable. This means that you can adapt your operating resources to the changed requirements / processes / timing at any time without much effort.

- Customisable

Each material transport trolley can be designed for your needs. Special load carriers can also be transported. Through a variety of accessories, any kind of products can be transported without being damaged. Our protective material BEEsave allows you to transport the most sensitive materials damage-free –without scratching and without residues.