BEESave is available in different thicknesses and panel dimensions. No matter whether it is a delivery of raw materials (finished panels or pre-cuts) or custom BEESave solutions manufactured in accordance with your specifications, assembly sets for professionals and semi-professionals, turnkey solutions or complete designs for novices, we help you to arrange a flexible and custom solution for your preferred form of delivery.

Advantages of BEESave:

  • BEESave has been used as a protective material for over 15 years and provides safe transport of objects
  • BEESave does not splinter and is very light
  • Hard surface with easy handling (sawing, punching, drilling, milling, screwing, gluing …)
  • Smooth surface and foamed inside
  • Waterproof, oil resistant and environmentally friendly (recyclable)
  • Excellent shock and wear resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Washability (reduced maintenance costs)
  • Serves as a wood substitute
  • Available in different thicknesses (3 mm to 20 mm)
  • Can be ordered as raw material or as blanks (please state measurements in 10mm increments)
  • Can be combined with the modular system

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