Magnetic holder

With these magnets, you have a modular system at hand that allows you to individually arrange your mounting solutions. Extra-strong GraviFlex® Magnets feature high friction forces sideways that prevent slipping and guarantee a good grip also on vertical surfaces. Due to their rubber-like surface protection, they can also be used on metal sheets with sensitive surfaces (lacquer, chrome etc.). The three coupling possibilities with external thread, internal thread and threaded bush enable many equipment variants and functions.

Extra-strong GraviFlex® Magnets with red rubber casing, diameter 43 mm, available with integrated internal thread, external thread and threaded bush – these base elements help you to realise many easy application solutions, e.g. with hooks or handles. When joining together two magnets with the screw thread, you will get a double-sided magnet that allows you to attach tools, sample parts, signs and other ferrous items to a ferrous surface.

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