Friday March 26, 2021

BeNeLux: Hupico and BeeWaTec have started partnership for Autonomous Mobile Robots!

With Hupico, BeeWaTec now has a strong partner at its side for the business unit „Autonomous Mobile RobotsHupico will take over sales, support and integration for the BeNeLux countries for these products. 

HUPICO delivers automation solutions in the BeNeLux region since 1994. These solutions include parts feeding systemsindustrial roboticsintralogistics and smart glasses solutions for remote service. Quality, creativity and an excellent service have the highest priority at HUPICO. 

Partnership BeeWaTec-Hupico

Monday March 22, 2021

AGV systems

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AGV systems are called BGV at BeeWaTec

The AGV systems at BeeWatec are called: BGV, in other words BeeWaTec Guided Vehicles.
“BVG systems, as well as special solutions from the pipe plug-in system are created in-house.”

Cleverly combined – Conversation with FTS-/AGV-FACTS

“In 2010, a German FTS manufacturer was taken over very early and with foresight. Production was relocated to Pfullingen, where it is still located today.”

“Our FTS systems are equipped with different navigation technologies. Preferably, however, the BGVs navigate using the SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping) method, so that they navigate free in
their environment

Jens Walter works in management and is primarily responsible for automation. He emphasises that software and mechanical engineering,
electrics, chassis assembly and commissioning are all done in-house

The high vertical range of manufacture offers advantages in procurement and service, so AGV applications are increasing. We receive enquiries from very different industries.

“We see ourselves as a product and system solution provider. We offer AGV systems as a stand-alone product or in a product and system solution in combination with other products from our portfolio, e.g. our gravity transfer stations made of the proven pipe plug-in system to automate the transfers between the stations and the AGVs.”.

Jens Walter in conversation with FTS-/AGV-FACTS

AGV systems combined with charging systems?

By the way, BeeWaTec is already working on co-bot solutions. In other words, AGVs with an attached robot arm that collaborate with the worker. Mr. Walter does not see the acquisition of possible AGV start-ups as being expedient, because the company’s own portfolio can cover and map all previous customer enquiries.

Since 2018, BeeWaTec has been a partner of the Japanese company Daihen, which offers inductive charging systems, among other things. BeeWaTec is responsible for sales, customer support and service in the European region. These systems are suitable for the contactless charging of AGVs.

Would you like to learn more about the AGV systems?

You can read through the whole article from FTS-/AGV-FACTS here (page 25): Talk to FTS-/AGV-FACTS

Or download it as a PDF so that you also have it at hand for later Download

Quelle: www.ftsagv.comGespräch mit FTS-/AGV-FACTS