Our Strategy

One of the few constants of today’s production and working world is its constant change. Markets and products are subject to rapid change, with which production and logistics also have to keep pace. a company’s success in the international competitive environment is not only determined by the quality and price of its products, but also by time.

Bringing a good idea to market as a product – before someone else does it, efficiently producing large quantities – at fair prices: These are the corporate goals that we at BeeWaTec consistently implement, in partnership and together with our customers, employees and sales partners.

Lean manufacturing, agile production and industry 4.0 are buzzwords that we bring to life on a daily basis. Because production and market advantages always arise when the right tool and the right material are available at the right place at exactly the right time.

We think: The workplace must adapt to the people and the company – not the other way around. To this end, we supply sustainable production environments, that are tailored to the respective individual circumstances. This ranges from the height of the employees, which we take as a benchmark when configuring Assembly– or Manual workplaces for example, to the spatial limits that we take into account with our automated Tugger train– and Automated guided vehicles. We were even awarded the prestige Top-100-prize for this.

Our product portfolio ranges from components for universal Modular systems to a fully equipped production environment that also includes the Visualisation. We support the customer from where he/she is in his/her company development at that moment. We implement his/her wishes – standardised, DIN-compliant and ISO-certified, but always as a flexible individual solution, which is designed virtually, tested and optimised in the BeeWaTec test centre under tough practical conditions. Installation, commissioning, training, technical support and further development are further implementation steps with which we consistently accompany our customers – until everything runs exactly as he/she has always imagined.

Our in-house research and development department also devotes a lot of time for finding out what the production environment of the future will look like and what customers will want in five or ten years’ time.

We are always one step ahead of our time in terms of ergonomics, efficiency and security of supply. Would you like to take the lead with us?