by BeeWaTec - program to create cutting lists for Lean Production components

BEELopt is a software to create intersection lists for pipes and roller trackers. Due to these intersection lists the optimal intersection can be determined.  It enables efficient use of material which saves time and money.

In general

  • attractive and practical
  • modern programm layout
  • quick data collection
  • quick calculation and length optimization
  • clear appearance
  • consideration of cut width
  • operating system: Windows XP/7/8/10
  • easy installation


  • compatibility
  • BEEVisio: Easy Import of intersection lists into BEElopt (Import from other CAD Systems on request)
  • depot bars: can be included into BEElopt directly


  • quick and easy
  • Export of Information via Excel file – enables Import into ERP Systems (customer specific adaption on request)

Further information