PLANNING TOOLS for our Lean Production Components

For designing, planning and realization of constructions made with the pipe racking system by G.S. ACE BeeWaTec offers 2 software tools: Production planning and presentation with BEEVisio 3D and BEELopt for the optimal utilization of the pipe material.

BEEvisio design program from BeeWaTec for pipe racking system
Cutting and length optimization Pipe racking system BEElopt BeeWaTec

BEEvisio – design and construction programme of BeeWaTec – used for Lean Production solutions made of pipe racking system and add-ons:

planning, construction and visualization of your Lean Production solutions – inclusive of BOM (Bill-of-Material)

BEElopt – software for optimization of cut lengths and intersections for efficient usage of pipes and roller tracks:

BEELopt is a software to create intersection lists for pipes and roller trackers. Due to these intersection lists the optimal intersection can be determined.  It enables efficient use of material which saves time and money