BGV-P(ick Up)

The vehicles oft he BGV-P(ick up) series are a versatile all-rounder and are made in particular for the flexible handling of standing racks, transport trolleys, customer-specific racks and frames and for the transport of pallets.

Due to their low vehicle height the transport robots can underride the load unit and can lift the whole load unit with the lift system that is integrated in the vehicles. The transport robots can disappear completely under the load units and so, if necessary, the whole working area (360°) can be scanned with the people laser scanners that can be optionally attached to the transport robots.


  • Bearing load: Up to 3000 kg standard solutions
  • Safety equipment: Laser scanners with speed-based warning and protection ranges, bumpers, safety edges, etc.
  • Power supply: Lead-acid, Li-ion or LiFePo4 batteries, PowerCaps


  • lateral procedure >  360° movements
  •  360° turn on spot
  • Safety: due to 2 fully inegrated laser scanners
  • user-friendly operation tools
  • service-friendly due to modular constrcution and optimal arrangement of construction pieces


  • Inclusion of standard shelves, transport trolleys, customer-specific shelves, racks or pallet transport
  • Location-independent deployment environment
  • Easy to integrate into existing infrastructures
  • Modular and expandable at any time
  • Service friendly
  • BeeWaTec industry standard through the use of proven industrial components
  • User-friendly operating tools


  • Turn 360 ° on the spot
  • Personal safety: thanks to two fully integrated laser scanners in the frame
  • User-friendly operating tools
  • Service-friendly due to modular design and optimum component arrangement

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