The BeeWaTec Group has established a worldwide supplier system, which is being continuously expanded by the growth of the group. In the respective subsidiaries, a purchasing team ensures the presence in the local markets. Procurement for the BeeWaTec Group is controlled by the central purchasing department at the headquarters in Pfullingen, Germany.

The BeeWaTec Group’s supplier management is based on four pillars: supplier selection, supplier evaluation, supplier development and supplier controlling. Together with our suppliers, we define goals and measures to keep the performance potential of all parties involved at the highest level. We guarantee consistent quality and achieve risk reduction in product selection combined with company guidelines and values as well as international ISO standards.

Partnership on equal terms

Our goal is to help our customers to be even more successful and efficient in the long term. Only those will achieve this who offer their customers optimal, tailor-made solutions to meet their individual requirements. We expect this not only from ourselves, but also from our suppliers. Together we grow with the requirements of the markets and develop agile and flexible new solutions.

We are therefore interested in long-term cooperation and can also offer this to suppliers who stand out with above-average reliability in the areas of quality, adherence to deadlines and Price

We attach importance to:

  • Open and cooperative dialogue
  • Sustainability
  • Faultless, functional and order-compliant delivery
  • High quality products
  • Prices in line with the market

‘ A strong purchasing accomplishment is the result of meshing wheels.

An active team of purchase on one side, motivated suppliers on the other one.

Strategic and operative purchase aswell as suppliers and riskmanagement is – in my point of view – the core task of purchase.’


– Friedemann Brandt –









In order to be approved as a supplier, please send the duly completed supplier self-assessment directly to and contact our purchaising team.

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