ErgoHub heavy duty table

The solution for heavy work

Despite its slimline design, the ERGOHUB heavy-duty lifting system is extremely strong: a highly torsion-resistant table structure enables it to safely manage loads of up to 600 kg. And if you need to work with even heavier loads, the double-lift version can manage loads of up to 1,000 kg.

The two electrical lifting units are designed for a lift of 380 mm (working height: 720 mm to 1,100 mm; other heights available on request). In this way the ERGOHUB makes a standing workplace from a sitting workplace at the press of a button, or it can bring the workpiece for processing to the ergonomically optimum height. The table is capable of taking full loads in every position.

In addition to its strength and high-quality construction, the ERGOHUB will win you over with its ease of operation: both lifting units run absolutely evenly thanks to soft start/soft stop and automatic synchronisation. Additional convenience is provided by the operator panel with memory function, which allows several work positions to be stored (optional).

ERGOHUB tables are designed for the load capacity that you require. The lifting speed varies depending on the load capacity.


  • Mobile version with four castors Ø 100 mm, two with brake; over 400 kg payload Heavy duty castors Ø 125 mm, all with brake
  • angled foot rails
  • ESD-Version
  • Individual tabletops

Hydraulic drive

Thanks to the integrated hydraulic systems, even very heavy loads can be lifted absolutely evenly, and even if the table is loaded heavily on one side. Manual operation by means of hand crank is possible for simple loads up to 200 kg. Otherwise the drive is provided by an electrical pump, which can be operated either via a simple up/down control or an enhanced operating device with memory function.

Electrical spindle drive

Where the load capacity is up to 400 kg, the height adjustment can be made by means of 24 V gear motors and threaded spindles. The two lifting units are automatically synchronised by the control, which means that even extremely one-sided loads can be compensated. The operating devices are the same as those on the electro-hydraulic drive.

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