The BGV- F(ork) models of BeeWaTec are mobile robots which are save and reasonable and which automate your intern manual transport and logistical tasks.

The mobile BeeWaTec robots optimize your transport, production and work procedures and therewith enable new oppotunities.

They take over transport tasks for you which you are currently fullfilling manually and therewith open up new ressources on personal matters.

The mobile and high flexible BGV-F(ork) robots are able to transport a maximum weight of 2.000 kg and a maximum height of 5 m. They can be equiped with several different lifting masts and scaffolding depending on the requirements of your procedure.


  • Designs: Sophisticated standard machines from BeeWaTec forming the basis
  • Industrial chassis designs: Pallet stackers, lift stackers and counterbalance trucks, with customer-specific adaptations available
  • Bearing load: Up to 2000 kg with standard solutions, >2000 kg on request for special solutions
  • Safety equipment: Laser scanners with speed-based warning and protection ranges, bumpers, safety edges, etc.
  • Power supply: Lead-acid, Li-ion or LiFePo4 batteries
  • Special equipment: Wide range of optional equipment available

BGV -F-XL-1000-1500

  • Flexible – due to compact size (minimum passage width 3 m)
  • Personal safety – through the use of proven safety technology
  • Service-friendly – through optimal component arrangement
  • Industry standard – through the use of proven industrial components
  • Load capacity: Up to 1000 kg
  • Lifting height: 1500 mm

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BGV -F-XL-2000-5000

  • Versatile all-rounder
  • Low space requirement
  • Very flexible
  • Smallest model in the BGV-F range
  • Load capacitiy: up to 2,000 kg
  • Lifting height: 5000 mm