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Modular system for standard paletts

The MC system is a specially developed system for self-assembly with a modular structure. All parts of the SMC system are suitable for standard pallets and are bolted together, so adjustment and changes can be realized easily and quickly.

Variants of SMC-Systeme:

The standard variant of SMC-System consists of a bolted one with 2 caster wheels and 2 fixed wheels. Individually the shaft can be attached with or without spring and optionally with a handle. Furthermore there is a variety of several further options which have different advantages.

  • Type SMC-BEH Standard
  • Type SMC-BEH Variante C
  • Type SMC-BEH Variante CR
  • Type SMC-BEH Variante C6
  • Type SMC-BEH Variante BPS

Technical data SMC-BEH Standard:

  • Dimensions X,Y Standard: 1258 x 858 mm
  • Dimensions x,y Standard: 1219 x 819 mm
  • Min. dimension X,Y für individual  edition: 600 x 800 mm
  • empty weightt: 52 kg
  • Maximum loading: 500 kg
  • Max. speed on straight line : 8 km/h
  • Max. speed on curve: 4 km/h

Further information