Cabinet systems

If you want to end up with a seamless laboratory set-up, you need to be able to step back and look at the bigger picture. With this holistic approach in mind, we offer an extensive range of cabinets that fit perfectly with the design of our workplace systems, so you can customise your work environment to suit your specific requirements. Based on a simple design (width 1000 mm x depth 500 mm), we provide tall cabinets, half-height cabinets, side cabinets, corner cabinets and wall-mounted cabinets in a wide range of equipment variants.

The modular set comprising 42 types of cabinet and numerous additional combination options that can be put together using the modules allows you to let your creativity run free when it comes to the design, whilst offering exceptional value for money. If you have any specific requests, we will be happy to produce custom pieces just for you.

Quality from the fittings to the finfish

If your furniture reaches up to the ceiling, we offer ladder systems that allow you to access your wall-mounted cabinets with ease.

Basic and wall-mounted cabinets can also be used as room dividers. All of our cabinets come with a back panel, so there is no need to procure these on top.

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