The perfect implementation of Kaizen and Lean manufacturing principles

There are good reasons to build production accessories like Kanban/flow racks, transport trolleys and supply shelves or entire workplaces on your own. The most important prerequisite for this is a stable, production-compatible and at once economical modular system.

The solution: The BeeWaTec pipe racking system by G.S ACE with its limitless design freedom, with many additional structural components – and professional service of BeeWaTec. Individual work and production environments can be developed, integrated and modified with agility to your needs.

Individual components and/or finished solutions

BeeWaTec offers both: the supply of single components for Lean Production or the development of complete solutions – flexibly according to your needs. All Solutions (e.g. flow racks, assembly workplace, U-cell etc.) are characterized by high flexibility and scalability: once your production environment changes further solutions can be added in an easy and quick way.


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BeeWaTec offers two software tools for designing, planning and converting structures using the pipe racking system by G.S ACE: the BEEVisio 3D planning and presentation program and BEELopt for ensuring the most efficient use of the tube material.

Further support for creating your solutions.

Storage racks and shelving systems

Do you need to effectively solve storage in your company? We offer storage racks, which we prepare to measure exactly according to your needs. Whether you are a small entrepreneur or you own a warehouse, it is important for everyone to effectively solve storage and make maximum use of space.

Where storage racks can be used:

  • Workshop
  • Production hall
  • Small warehouse
  • Warehouse
  • Flask
  • Library
  • Supermarket
  • Office
  • Archives

Storage as a sophisticated system

Well-managed logistics is important for saving money and is one of the principles of lean production. Our storage racks, boxes and crates form a complete storage system, thus contributing to the main idea of Lean Manufacturing. Logistics aims to ensure the optimal flow of goods and money both between suppliers and customers, and within the company, and maximum cost reduction, as storage costs represent a relatively significant part of turnover for companies. Although the lean manufacturing system aims to keep stocks to a minimum and to produce only as much goods as is consumed and to import only as much material as is currently used, the company often does not do without larger warehouses anyway. Then we bring a solution how to make the best use of space and reduce the cost of additional extensions, for renting a hall, etc.

Storage racks will make your business more efficient

Dividing a warehouse using shelves saves space and simplifies the organization of the warehouse. The materials we use for construction ensure high load-bearing capacity and stability. You can handle plastic boxes and crates very easily, transport them on carts and use them for drop shelves. The stored material is clearly arranged.

Storage racks with pull-out shelves on rails are useful where you need to easily and quickly access individual components and other material. We will take into account your spatial possibilities, the type of processed materials and the method of your production. By properly arranging your warehouse and production space with an efficient warehousing system, you will save the time of employees who will only perform the movements and activities that are really needed.

Basic parameters and advantages of storage racks

  • Material: plastic coated steel pipes
  • Height up to 2 m
  • Load capacity: hundreds of kilograms to tons
  • Possibility of endless connection and expansion
  • Fast delivery
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Warranty and post-warranty service

From design to installation

After obtaining all the important information, we will prepare a proposal for a stock solution for your specific situation and create a price offer. Our shelving is basically a kit that some customers can assemble themselves. However, if you do not dare or do not have enough time to do so, we will be happy to install the shelving system yourself.