Îmbinări din aluminiu

Și mai ușor: Sistemul de rafturi din țevi din aluminiu de la G.S ACE

The aluminium round pipe profile represents an ideal complement to the existing pipe racking system. In addition to the compatibility with the existing pipe racking system still other qualitative benefits are striking:

Some highlights of the new aluminium product series:

  • Aluminium pipe racking system can be well integrated into the conventional pipe racking System
  • Matching aluminium joints for the Ø 28 aluminium pipe as well as for the Ø 43 aluminium pipe.
  • All Steel Joints, mounting brackets, accessories etc. can be perfectly combined with the new aluminium pipe racking system by G.S ACE
  • Inner type aluminium joint end flush with the aluminium pipe, which is a direct lie-on possibility for panels (see illustration)
  • High esthetic value without glaring
  • High strength to weight Ratio
  • Aluminium is environmentally friendly and retains high recycling value

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