Sistem modular din aluminiu rotund cu diametru de 28mm

In cases where systems made of aluminium are requested, the new round and square BeeWaTec aluminium profiles are the perfect choice.

The round profiles are available with 28 mm diameter and thus compatible with the existing pipe system. Existing metal joint series may be used together with the aluminium round pipe profiles and also be adapted with the corresponding joint to the new square aluminium profile. With the newly added aluminium joint series the possibilities are even more varied.

Nu numai rotund - ci și pătrat

In addition to the round profile the square aluminium series is available. The square aluminium series in the standard profile dimensions and – in addition to the BeeWaTec square steel profile systems – in 45 x 45 mm. For highest loads, square aluminium profiles with the dimensions 60 x 60 mm are available.

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